Flint Baptist Temple                            

 Glenn A. Tatterson - Pastor            1430 E. Bristol Rd, Burton, MI  48529              Phone - (810) 742-1677

Sunday School

Flint Baptist Temple has a graded Sunday School each and every Sunday morning at 10:00am. Each class is staffed by qualified teachers and workers who are concerned about each and every child’s spiritual growth and well being. Our children’s classes are:

 Nursery & Toddlers                      Up to 3 yr. olds

 Beginners & Kindergarten            4 & 5 yr. olds

 Primaries                                           1st - 3rd grade

 Juniors                                             4th - 6th grade

Teens                                                  7th - 12th grade

Young Singles                                    18 - 30 yrs old

Chapel Class                                    Adult Class

Auditorium Class                          Adult Class